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High-Speed Rail Arrives in the Midwest

By Jason Keyser | Tuesday Mar 12, 2013
A web of high-speed passenger rail routes are poised to benefit 460 manufacturers in seven Midwest states.

Rocky Mountaineer to Launch US/Canada Coastal Passage Route

Monday Dec 24, 2012
The internationally-acclaimed Rocky Mountaineer announced the launch of its new Coastal Passage route, connecting Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC to the Canadian Rockies.

Luxury Travel Through South Africa Via The Blue Train

Saturday Oct 6, 2012
The most lavish train on the planet has partnered with two special hotels in a spectacular promotion ideal for jetsetters wishing to travel South Africa in style.

The Romance of Rail Through the Canadian Rockies: The Photos

By Robert Doyle | Wednesday Aug 15, 2012
The four-day journey from Vancouver to Toronto is one of the world’s most legendary long-haul journeys - and, arguably, the best way to experience the beauty of western Canada and the Canadian Rockies, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Magnificent Majesty: The Canadian Rockies VIA Rail Canada

By Mark Thompson | Wednesday Aug 15, 2012
Romance, intrigue, and spectacular scenery: it’s a seductive combination - and particularly when you’re traveling on VIA Rail Canada’s flagship, the Canadian. From Vancouver to Toronto is one of the world’s most legendary long-haul journeys.

"High-Speed" Trains in New England

By STEPHEN SINGER | Monday Oct 18, 2010
Washington is spending $8 billion in federal stimulus money to establish high-speed rail corridors nationwide. But in populated areas of New England where city streets and railroad tracks intersect and trains must negotiate curves, hills and tunnels.

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