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Severe Turbulence Aboard United Flight Sends Five People to Hospital

Tuesday Feb 18, 2014
Federal authorities are looking into severe turbulence that triggered "pandemonium" aboard a United Airlines flight into Billings, Mont., and sent five people to hospitals.

Northeast Hit by Another Storm

By Mark Scolforo, Ron Todt | Thursday Feb 13, 2014
Yet another storm paralyzed the Northeast with heavy snow and sleet Thursday, giving the winter-weary that oh-no-not-again feeling, while hundreds of thousands across the ice-encrusted South waited in the cold for the electricity to come back on.

Dingy LaGuardia Airport Undergoing $3.6B Makeover

By Frank Eltman | Wednesday Jan 22, 2014
Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced the state is taking control of an ambitious $3.6 billion construction project that envisions an entirely new central terminal at LaGuardia.

Ralph Lauren’s Niece Held on "Air Rage" Charges

By Shawn Pogatchnik | Wednesday Jan 8, 2014
The niece of fashion designer Ralph Lauren was arraigned Tuesday on charges of being dangerously drunk, threatening and verbally abusive on a New York-bound plane, forcing it to land in Ireland.

JetBlue, Southwest Halt Some Flights Amid Freeze

By David Koenig | Monday Jan 6, 2014
JetBlue Airways stopped all scheduled flights to and from New York and Boston on Monday, and Southwest ground to a halt in Chicago as airlines dealt with a blast of freezing temperatures that caused massive cancelations and delays.

Planes Slides Off Runway at NYC’s JFK; No Injuries

Sunday Jan 5, 2014
A plane from Toronto slid into snow as it turned onto a taxiway after landing at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Sunday, halting flights at the airport for two hours and causing residual delays.

Deep Freeze: State by State

Sunday Jan 5, 2014
Frigid, subzero temperatures and winter weather descended across a wide swath of the central and eastern United States on Sunday, with temperatures expected to plummet further overnight.

Winter Storm Pushes Through the Northeast

By John Christoffersen, Rodrique Ngowi | Thursday Jan 2, 2014
A storm expected to bring more than a foot of snow and punishing cold pushed into the Northeast on Thursday, extending Christmas break for some students while posing the first test for New York’s and Boston’s mayors.

Comedienne Greg Benson Takes on Airport Travel

Monday Dec 23, 2013
Comedienne Greg Benson tackles airport travel with a new strategy for coping with irritating cell phone use.

Holiday Travel: Rough Times Ahead

By Jim Salter | Friday Dec 20, 2013
Holiday travelers in the Midwest and in parts East and South were keeping a leery eye Friday on a band of foul weather that threatens to mess up opening weekend of one of the year’s busiest travel periods.