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Matt Livadary on Gay Rodeo Doc ’Queens and Cowboys’

By Mike Halterman | Friday Mar 28, 2014
Hotspots Interviews "Queens and Cowboys" Filmmaker Matt Livadary and Florida Gay Rodeo Association Founder Todd Garrett.

Drag Becomes Him

Saturday Jan 18, 2014
Originally released as a five-part web series, "Drag Becomes Him" is slated to become a feature-length documentary in summer 2014 - thanks to Jinkx Monsoon and a crowd of supporters.

Sundance Film Festival Ignites

By David Lamble | Friday Jan 17, 2014
The Sundance Film Festival, the year’s first great film party and celebrity bash, ignites atop Robert Redford’s sacred mountain. Prepare to battle wannabe Llewyn Davis types for a spot near the beer-filled fridge in somebody’s pricey condo!

25th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival

By Chris Carpenter | Friday Jan 3, 2014
During its first quarter century, the Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSIFF) has grown from a fairly isolated event in the middle of the Southern California desert, to one of the largest film festivals in North America.

Best Queer Films of 2013

By Gary M. Kramer | Tuesday Dec 31, 2013
2013 was a queer year for film. Interestingly, and perhaps significantly, the most memorable films and performances did not feature gay men, as is usually the case.

The Wedding Invitation Showcases Women in Film

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Dec 30, 2013
In an effort to increase the presence of women in Hollywood pictures, producers Rainy Kerwin and Narmar Hanna are filming ’The Wedding Invitation,’ with an all-women crew and cast.

Scoring the Bard :: Alexander Sovronsky on Treading, and Tuning, the Boards

By Kilian Melloy | Sunday Dec 29, 2013
New York-based Alexander Sovronsky has rare working insight into the power and place of music in live theater, being both a composer and an actor. His most recent project: Scoring ASP’s "Henry VIII."

Top Films of the Year

By David Lamble | Friday Dec 27, 2013
The Bay Area Reporter’s David Lamble muses on the year’s top films, offering a list that mixes mainstream frontrunners with otherwise-overlooked dark horse contenders.

Unhung Hero

By Steve Weinstein | Monday Dec 23, 2013
This funny and enlightening documentary follows a straight guy’s search for cures when he gets a very public rejection of marriage because his penis is too small.

Paris is Burning - A Queer Film Classic

By JC Alvarez | Saturday Dec 21, 2013
The unforgettable documentary is lovingly analyzed and placed in its historical context in "Queer Film Classics: Paris Is Burning," a book that delves deeper into the underground culture the film made legendary.