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DJ Almond Brown ’WERKS" the Booth at "Q"

by Shaun Knittel
Thursday Jan 10, 2013

"The DJ is the most vital part of the customer experience," DJ Almond Brown, one of Seattle’s most popular spin doctors, told EDGE. "We help define the most recognizable part of a property’s reputation with what we present."

"You can have the sexiest, most groundbreaking space, but if you don’t have your programming aligned, and people walk away unsatisfied with the music consistently, it’s all for naught," continued Almond Brown. Brown is a DJ that has paid his dues, ultimately landing him a regular gig at a nightclub that has listed as having one of the "10 best sound systems in America" in 2012.

If you’re a quick study, you will notice that DJ Almond Brown likes to get right to the point. And the point that he is trying to make today is that something is happening to LGBT Seattle nightlife to change it forever. That something is Q.

Q, a new nightclub club that opened for business in Seattle’s gay neighborhood of Capital Hill last September, isn’t considered to be a gay club. Conversely, it isn’t a straight club, either. Q represents a new breed of Seattle nightclubbing; Q provides its customers with an atmosphere where a drag queen can drink with a politician and a business man can chat up a go-go dancer and everyone feels fabulous.

Almond Joy!

Inside Q it doesn’t matter what you do outside, what matters most is whom you allow yourself to become once inside. And if DJ Almond Brown has anything to say about it, you will become a serious House-head.

’Baby, I ’Werk’ the children when I step in the booth," he told EDGE.

Q boasts a state-of-the-art Funktion One sound system and world-class lighting design. But years of experience (he’s been a DJ on and off for over 25 years) has taught Almond that while the place might look great, the DJs, in turn, must be great.

And make no mistake about it - DJ Almond Brown is great!

"The moment you leave the confines of your home to become a club DJ, you have to be prepared to compromise and become less self-facing," he explains. "I’m not trying to educate or patronize my audiences, I’m simply charged with obeying the floor and putting asses on it."

Now is certainly not the time for mediocre skills. Bar and club owners on Capitol Hill have been forced to raise their game as the throngs of Gay men who once filled their venues from wall to ceiling no longer need the bar to get the boy. Due to the advent of mobile phone hookup apps, online dating and hookup sites, and a bad economy that is producing a generation of young men facing chronic underemployment, nightclub promoters have seen lines thin and crowds dwindle. Now, they actually have to work for it. So do the DJs.

Almond says that many Seattle venue owners and club promoters are "forgetting to market the male aged 25-to-45 demographic."

"The definition of what a gay club is, is rapidly changing with the influx of straights," said Almond. "More specifically, straight women."

Almond describes the Seattle DJ scene as "simple yet complex."

"There are so many talented DJs, and there is a history that seemingly connects many of us in some way," said Almond. "It’s political, entertaining, and brilliant."

On the other hand, "the market is oversaturated with cats fresh from Guitar Center with a new version of Serato, that don’t respect the game’s history and legacy," he continued. "It’s further worsened by inept, self-proclaimed promoters that are more dedicated to elevating their personality than supporting the music and the genre."


  • Anonymous, 2013-01-10 18:43:11

    Funny he mentions not respecting the game when he trash talks all the older cats in Seattle before him.

  • Anonymous, 2013-01-11 17:19:30

    Actually, it sounds like he has nothing but respect for those that paved the way for him, their wasn’t a mentioning, or trash talk of any DJ’s, beside those who he felt are & or have proven to be "wack"...Get off the bench & stop hating. It’s cats like just like you, who he’s talking about.

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