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Don't Pee on Me, Says Man's Pregger Girlfriend

By Winnie McCroy | Jul 25
A huge Florida man peed on his pregnant girlfriend during an argument. She wasn't having it, and called the cops, who arrested him.

Are You There, God? It's Me, Gay Margaret

By Andy Smith | Jul 25
Where were these coming-out books when we were gay kids?

August Wedding for Michigan Couple in Gay Marriage Case

Jul 22
Two Detroit-area nurses whose lawsuit erased Michigan's ban on gay marriage will exchange vows in August.

No Cake for You: Handful of Counties Still Denying Marriage to Gay Couples

By John Riley | Jul 19
While the majority of counties across the country now appear to be in compliance with the Supreme Court's ruling, the issue will likely be revisited.

Same-Sex Couples Sue Arkansas Over Birth Certificates

By Andrew DeMillo | Jul 14
Three same-sex couples sued Arkansas health officials Monday for refusing to name both spouses on their children's birth certificates, arguing the state is violating their constitutional rights after gay marriage was legalized nationwide.

Jimmy Carter: Jesus Would Approve of Marriage Equality

By John Riley | Jul 11
The former president, known for his devout faith, told Marc Lamont Hill of The Huffington Post's "HuffPost Live" that he believes Jesus would have approved of same-sex marriage.

New Study Shows Social Networks Prevent Stigma for LGBT Youth

By EDGE | Jul 3
A new study from the Family Acceptance Project shows that the role of family, peers and community support make a difference in overall adjustment and well-being.

Duggar Daughter Dillard Creates Ministry for Distance

By EDGE | Jun 27
What do you do if your meal ticket is in danger of being revoked because your brother/brother-in-law's molestation scandal put the family's reality show in jeopardy? If your names are Jill and Derick Dillard, you open a ministry.

Family Acceptance Strongest Predictor Of Well-Being

By EDGE | Jun 25
A new study from the Family Acceptance Project examined the role of family, peers and community support during adolescence on positive adjustment and well-being in LGBT young adults.

As Same-Sex Marriage Spreads, Ranks of Gay Dads Increase

By David Crary | Jun 20
More so than heterosexual couples or lesbians, who can bear their own children, gay men face high hurdles en route to parenthood. The two main avenues open to them - adoption or surrogacy - can be costly and complicated.

1 thru 10 of 632 Stories